The Bolton Letters


Obra literária de Graham Blandy, sobre um comerciante e banqueiro inglês. Cartas essencialmente comerciais de 1701 a 1714, mas com um forte cunho pessoal, sobre as actividades comerciais entre a Madeira e as Índias Ocidentais.


WILLIAM BOLTON, of Warwick, merchant, shipowner and banker, settled in Madeira when William III was King of England and traded from Madeira with England and Ireland, but more particularly with the West Indies and the North American Colonies, throughout the reign of Queen Anne.

Historians tell us of battles that were fought and of laws that were made; they also tell us how the rioh fared and bow the poor suffered, but, however trustworthy they may be, and whatever their literary skill, they do not bring home to ua the same sense of reality as first-hand evidence such as the Bolton Letters, letters which never were meant for publication when they were written more than two hundred years ago.

The correspondenoe begins in 1695, as William Bolton is returning to Madeira, after a visit to London where he had agreed to aot in Madeira for hr.Robert Heyaham, and during twenty consecutive years this correspondenoe is carried on betwsen William Bolton or his firm, from Madeira, and Robort Heysham and his brother or partners, in London.

The Bolton Letters are primarily business letters, but their political, maritime and purely human interest is very great.

William Bolton shipped wine from Madeira to the West Indies, to New York and Boston, to England and Ireland, and he supplied with wine ships calling et Madeira on their way to South América, St.Kelena, Madagascar, India, Java and other places.

in The Bolton Letters, vol. II.


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